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The Osmo Group team is assembled of enthusiasts in social innovation, with a sense of collaboration and responsibility deeply rooted in our souls.

Osmo World

Osmo Group is a set of three innovation projects developing in different areas related to the background of its founders; Osmo Digital as a conscious marketing agency, Osmo Space as a technological solution company, and Osmo World as a social innovation organization. The road to consolidating all these projects will be long, but thanks to your help, we are changing and connecting the world for a better future.

At Osmo Group, we are active collaborators in the change for a better world. For this reason, we participate in projects of social innovation and environmental responsibility as volunteers, sponsors, mentors, or other possible types of collaboration. If you have a social innovation organization or project and want to collaborate with us, tell us about yourselves and we will find a way to contribute together.

Osmo World

2025 Vision

Osmo World is a social innovation project focused on supporting financially and actively the creation, execution, and expansion of non-profit organizations related to medical care, health innovation, education and culture, environmental sustainability, and empowerment of women, lgbtq+ community, and people with neuronal and mobility diversity.

​The 2025 project consists of the constitution and launch of the subsidiarity and financing platform for projects in Latin America, mainly focused on southern Mexico and Central America, always governed by a principle of humanity, innovation, and transparency.

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