We are here to be your digital ally to help you thrive in the digital world, in the business, professional, and human context and make the best out of all the tools at your disposal.

We are a group of people living in a digital ecosystem, well organized and communicated. Our computers, mobile devices, and a great internet connection are all we need to make the magic happen anywhere we go.

We believe in the power of technology and connectivity and always use it for good. Home office professionals, coworking collaborators, and digital nomads are hats that fit perfectly with our abilities. 

We are members of a fast-driven digital generation. Change is a constant in our lives, we learn, adapt, and execute the new emerging technologies available to our world.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Abraham Lincoln

We want to create a bigger and more connected world full of opportunities reachable to everyone.

Our Mission

Vanish the borders to an infinite digital world. Bringing people closer to exactly what they are looking for.

Our Vision

Build a bigger and more accessible world. Being the digital ally of exceptional global people, with a human and highly productive approach.

We are 100% a Digital Marketing Agency designed to operate and deliver completely online. We help businesses around the globe but specialize in being the digital ally of our customers in the North American Market. 

Osmo Digital® is the dream of two Marketing enthusiasts who met in Guadalajara, the major Latin American TechHub, a place that inspired this agency to join a dynamic digital ecosystem. 

Our purpose is to help businesses grow and thrive online by offering accessible, convenient, and remote digital marketing solutions. We do this in one or both languages, English and Spanish.


The Alliance

Moises Aquino

Oswaldo Ledesma

I'm a marketer and digital enthusiast. I help people and organizations to better understand the tools at their disposal to grow their business and accomplish their goals.


I believe marketing is all about value and the right strategies to communicate your value correctly and efficiently. 


Hiking is one of my favorite activities, I love nature, languages, and mediterranean food. 

I'm a digital marketing expert. I have worked  for many different industries helping people to bring their message to the right audience.


I believe brands are tales come true, therefore I give advice to my clients on how to share their stories in a captivating way for their audiences.


I´m a digital native, I love technology and SciFi books.

Managing Partner


Managing Partner